Supreme Court of India has outlawed firecrackers sale in New Delhi to prevent air pollution. A three-judge bench suspended licences of “permit sale of fireworks wholesale and retail within territory of NCR.” . Various civil society groups have come together for a Green Diwali. Let’s see how to celebrate Green Diwali Clean Diwali. Let us take a pledge for a pollution free Diwali. Diwali ban should transform into a campaign against against air pollution by firecrackers. Diwali, anyway, doesn’t have much to do with fireworks. Here are 8 green Diwali ideas . Let us have a pollution free Diwali and festival of lights and learn how to celebrate Diwali without crackers.

1) Save environment: Avoid firecrackers for a “Green Diwali”. An eco-friendly activity for Diwali 2017. Give up electric lights. Go for candles or earthen lamps. Cut down on power consumption. LED lights use 80% less energy compared to normal lights) to celebrate pollution free Diwali. Where fireworks and crackers are not banned, people should go for environment-friendly ones which may be considered less polluting. Better, avoid crackers totally.

2) Create awareness about the environment, organize nature walks and talks on the topic. You could also host a marathon on the subject to create awareness to celebrate pollution free Diwali.

3) Give up sweets from the market: too heavy on sugar and artificial colors. Prepare sweets at home like Barfi, Laddoo, Kheer, or Gajar ka halwa and use home available stuff such as coconut, milk, jaggery, and dry fruits: unadulterated as well as nutritious.

4) Eco-friendly paint to celebrate pollution free Diwali. Organic and natural incense sticks . Avoid synthetic fresheners for Green Diwali Clean Diwali.

5) Best to utilize natural colors in place of chemical colors. Use natural substances including rice for white; turmeric powder for yellow; cloves and cinnamon for brown and wheatish, etc.

6) Fresh flowers like jasmine, marigold, rose, and lily could be used for decoration at homes for a festive feel rather than lights or streamers.

7) Avoid wrapping paper for giving gifts. You can prevent cutting of plants and trees. Best to utilize newspaper, cloth, etc. for Green Diwali Clean Diwali.

8) Make Diwali cards. Or take the technology path. Tweet or message (Facebook , SMS or WhatsApp).

Have fun with a green Diwali clean Diwali. Take the green Diwali pledge.

About the author: I am an environmentalist, technology evangelist, women empowerment advocate, writer and editor. Basically I am a storyteller at heart and want to make the world a better place. I want to be the catalyst for making the world green and clean and rid the Earth of disasters like global warming and climate change. You can mail me at or connect with me through LinkedIn, Twitter, together with Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.