Valentine Day is here and now. Lovers who want to create the perfect moment for special someones have been waiting for it. Here are a few green options to help your sweet heart as well as the planet be happy on this day. These are a few steps that can be followed in order to go green this Valentine Day.

1) Go for recycled cards or e-cards: Embrace creativity and create your own card from reclaimed paper. If you are not a craft person, search for local artists who make cards from recycled materials. As per the American Greetings Association, more than 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards get bought per year. Cards made of recycled stuff and materials will cut single use items in waste cycle. There are commercial cards also available in the markets which have been made from recycled or refurbished materials. This is particularly important as it will leave you no excuse to avoid buy a card that is environmentally responsible.

2) You could also make a card by using other means. If you are tech geek, try e-cards. They are free and will not produce waste!

3) Make dinner from local ingredients: There are tons of farmers markets as well as other places where you could find fresh and local produce. Shop for dinner ingredients to cut energy as well as fuel transportation of foods. It could be cheaper as compared to grocery stores!

4) Use candle lights: You could turn off lights as well as opt for candlelight. It is romantic and cuts energy use!
Avoid billions of cards which contribute to deforestation and stuff landfills. Chocolate and flowers are the biggest users of pesticides.

5) Gift your partner something that lasts longer, such as a herb plant. If you like cooking together in a group, add home grown herbs to meals to make them taste better!

About Dr Kristna Saikia

Dr Kristna Saikia is an environment and nature lover. She is also an actress (both Hollywood and Bollywood), model, entrepreneur, writer /columnist , TV show host, poet, and reiki healer. She conducts meditation workshops for entrepreneurs, coporates, politicians, and others. She is from Mumbai,india and works across global platforms. She is also the CEO/President of You can reach her at