Don’t we all want the places that hold a special place in our hearts to continue to exist for future generations and maybe forever? From valleys to gardens to parks, they are all etched in our memory and bear moments that we would cherish forever. However, in order for them to stay as they are we need to care about them so that they are there when future generations want to love. Let’s go green this Valentine’s Day.

However, climate change continues to threaten our environment and is proving a major challenge for gardens, coastlines, heritage, and landscapes. In this quest for conservation, we need to find and work with new partners and citizens of the world in order to bring our Climate Coalition to bear upon the future of the Earth.

Show your Love for places and things. Show your love this Valentine’s Day. We will all like you to add to the movement ‘Green Valentine’ by visiting your favorite places along with your loved ones and take a picture that you would like to cherish and send it to us. Photograph some place or something which is close to your heart as well as nature. Post it with the hashtag #spreadthelove. You could also mail your pictures as well as articles to

Share your pictures with us, use the hashtag #spreadyourlove. Also send us a few words about the picture and the reason why it holds a special place in your heart and we will showcase the best pictures on our website. You can also share videos that show the environment along with your loved ones. We will also upload some of the images on our social media channels. Be sure to confirm if yours has been included.

Through harnessing the power of nature as well as being careful with our energy consumption, the places and things which we find so special can continue to stay beautiful forever. Please help us do that. We all need your support. Let’s strengthen this movement for nature and the environment. The time to show our love is here. So, let’s get cracking and make the most of this Valentine’s Day.