Let’s go green this Valentine’s Day. Climate change threatens the environment and is a major challenge for humanity as gardens, heritage, coastlines, and landscapes continue getting lost to man’s greed. Let’s go for a sustainable and eco-friendly Valentine’s Day this year. In this quest for conservation, we need to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Here are a few ways to ensure a Green Valentine’s Day.

Cook for yourself: Go for green Valentine’s Day

Cooking is a fun activity as well as a stress buster. Do it together as a couple; it affords you privacy on an evening when restaurants are busier than most days. Even if you order, be sure to use your own containers to avoid generating plastic waste. Avoid disposable cutlery and napkins. Go for locals variations for your drinks. You can select a local vineyard wine or a locally brewed beer.

Go for eco sensitive gifts this green Valentine’s Day

Avoid chocolates (the eternal symbol of Valentine’s Day). Say no to cut flowers, which are infamous for bad labor conditions, including child labor as well as chemical and water use. Their wrapping material is also non-recyclable plastic. Go for zero-waste gifts, such as hand-made soap, jars of home-made jelly or organic coffee beans, hand-knitted scarfs, a bunch of cupcakes, or fruity ice creams.

Getting the mood going

Use unscented natural candles, such as those made from beeswax or soy wax, in order to set the mood. Avoid synthetic fragrances, paraffin wax, or lead. Go for diffusers to scent the air with essential oils. Five oils are recommended as having aphrodisiacal qualities, including rose, neroli, patchouli, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. Go for natural massage oil using some of these scents. Make your bed with hemp, organic cotton, or bamboo sheets. Go for natural “massage oils.” Use ethical underwear as new options. Take preventive measures and not make love upset your family planning. Use protection! Go for chemical-free as well as female-designed contraceptives or condoms.

Image credit: wallpapersite.com