It is hard to avoid ACs in the summer heat. Are you not troubled by mounting electricity bills from fuel guzzling ACs? With temperatures sometimes soaring to more than 45 degrees Celcius, it is also impossible to do away with them. There will have to be a proper alternative. Here is a new method or a cooling system delivered by green technology, one that doesn’t need energy input or electricity. Doesn’t it sound incredible?

Idea behind the green innovation

A temperature control technology that produces a refrigerating effect within buildings through using solar together with wind energy that are available on the roof top.

How does the technology work?

Using a power cycle (Rankine cycle) solar energy, the new green technology tool powers the compressor directly which is coupled with a gas turbine as well as a wind turbine through the use of a variable coupler (CVT) with the same shaft. Since there is no conversion of any mechanical work into electricity, the storing of electricity in batteries and once again converting it through a motor into mechanical energy to run the compressor is eliminated. This results in the following advantages:

1) Zero intermittent energy loss
2) Low installation and maintenance costs
3) Elimination of air pollution from ACs

The Innovation of clean tech

Bhubaneshwar based (capital of the Indian state of Orissa) Fabonix Technologies has developed a viable and sustainable temperature control equipment that produces a wonderful refrigerating effect inside normal buildings made of concrete like houses as well as shops. All this is done using solar as well as wind energy that are easily accessible at roof tops. The green innovation startup was founded in the year 2013. This technology innovation startup develops, designs, as well as sells such products of social values.

“We always try to blend creativity, technology, engineering, as well as innovations to solve the problems faced in several sectors such as industries and households,” claims Dhiraj Choudhary, CEO as well as Managing Director of Fabonix Technologies.

Environmental and Social Impact

The biggest advantage is that the green technology is that it rids the environment of air pollution that is caused by refrigerators as well as ACs. It makes use of renewable sources of energy; thus, allowing a new, viable, and sustainable addition to the renewable energy mix. This innovation also lowers energy consumption and releases the stress that is there on power generation as well as fossil fuels.

When asked how the company Fabonix proposes to reduce the carbon footprint, Dhiraj says: “We are very concerned about the environment and we are developing technologies to keep the environment clean as well as safe. We also plan to come up with additional innovations that are aimed at harnessing the sources of renewable energy.”

The green tech innovator is one among an increasing number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are developing green technology which is environmentally safe through the harnessing of diverse sources of energy such as solar power, wind energy, sea waves, and even human body energy. They are trying to build a number of products, including more efficient solar panels and creating green biofuels.

The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has identified those startups and innovative initiatives in order to nurture them as well as serve as a green incubator for the upcoming innovations. A number of such innovators who have been working in the green business have been featured in the book called “Cleanovators“, released by the ministry.

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