By Ram Kumar

Every year on 29 July, the International Tiger day is celebrated in order to conserve the tiger’s natural habitat and to increase awareness regarding their conservation. The International Tiger day is also known as Global Tiger day.

The convention of international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora is playing an important role in improving tiger conservation. Government, non government organization and public worldwide conducting awareness programs on this day are conducted about the importance of tiger protection.

The Tiger is known for its beauty. Many countries and nations across the world use the tiger as its national symbols and flags. The creature is also worshipped through out the world.

Tiger is the biggest cat related species with vertical lines on reed orange fur. These are refereed as top carnivores which depends on secondary and primary consumers. Tiger number in the world is getting reduced which leads to extinction.

The Tiger is in danger because of its valuable products which has demand in both national and international market due to which they are exposed to hunting and poaching as it is considered a lucrative business. For the past 100 years, 97 percent of world tiger number has reduced. At present, as per the statistics 3890 tigers only are present in the world and in India it is 2226.

Many tiger reserves through out the world have been declared as protected areas and most of them are safe guarded. Implementing the laws against poaching and trading of tiger products by which tigers can be conserved and their number can be increased is of utmost priority today.

Now it is the time that we all should unite together in this aspect to save tigers and forests.