It’s strange, everyone I know is busy securing a future. They have no idea what’s to follow or how it will all pan out, but they don’t mind neglecting their present for it! How do you propose to enjoy this “Secured, Insured Future”? In the Hospital? Or with heavy medical bills? Or at worst in the World Beyond? (regrettably, medical insurance has no value in the afterlife!)

Medical tourism seems to be booming, $100 billion industry, and it’s only becoming more popular as technology improves and more countries look to cash in on the trend. Wow, who would have thought someday a Business-cum-Pleasure Trip could also be a Medical-cum-‘Pleasure’ Trip?! You would rather stay in the comfort (confines) of a plush luxurious 7 Star Hospital Suite (sedated with drugs almost dizzy & noxious) overlooking a beautiful lush green valley or breathtaking oceanic view, (the mountainous terrain could very well be the head nurse standing in front of you, while you are too sleepy to even notice the marvels around you!) rather than soaking up the sun with a healthy tan, at the Bahamas or Maldives, year on year, with an action packed adventure. What an irony!

A little constructive sarcasm for the right reasons wouldn’t hurt to get you to fall off that chair right now and resolve to take your Health & Fitness seriously, starting today! Yes, the future is very important but so is the Now, rightly called, Your ‘Present’, for you to be at your Fitness Best, to be able to appreciate and enjoy your Future to the fullest!

Greenubuntu-fitness-guru-Dilnnawaz Damania

Greenubuntu-fitness-guru-Dilnnawaz Damania

Age is Just a Number!

We are an excuse factory! We manufacture fresh, original reasons to avoid living healthy everyday. It’s as though you are avoiding it like a little school boy avoids tuitions or medicines or you simply don’t consider it as important for your overall well-being till a doctor gets into the picture. I hear the strangest and most bizarre excuses from people of all walks of life, to avoid a daily hour at the gym. The most common, I have to work late, as if your company would fall apart if you took one hour daily for your healthy lifestyle? I am too busy, I need to cook, then watch my TV soaps, I’m a housewife I’m on my feet all day that’s a workout (hardly!), it’s raining, I’m traveling, the gym is too far, the trainer doesn’t like my face, the gym manager gives me a bad look for coming so often to the gym, he prefers the irregular, quiet, less active more obese members, I have to take care of my home and office, who has the time, my dog/cat needs me (kids I presume can take care of themselves), my body and bones are too soft, I can’t take the physical stress of a workout. Women saying, I don’t like being too muscular (honey, for a woman to get really muscular you need steroids.

A normal workout won’t produce that result. It will only give your muscles a lean definition and a great athletic body frame. Men who don’t want to work out may prefer their wives don’t work out either, it looks kinda odd, they say (from who’s point of view? I was faced with a very peculiar equation recently. Sexy + Soft = Woman and Sexy + Hard = Man, by which time I gathered the gentleman with the obvious fitness phobia had quite a misinformed, traumatic childhood!

More excuses, I have to take care of my husband/wife (like they are two year olds, can’t take care of themselves), or my husband/wife will get suspicious if I suddenly start working out, (maybe that’s the kick in the right place they need to start moving his/ her b___t to the gym!) My boss/ colleagues will get a complex if I start working out and look better than them. Huh?? (wouldn’t that just be great, the whole company will look vibrant, young, energetic and healthy!) I’m too old for this, I have lived my life now, I want to eat to my hearts content, grow fat and old peacefully. There is absolutely nothing peaceful about growing fat and old all at once, just dreadful.
Older you get with an unhealthy life style means more medical complications! The list goes on, more hilarious and mind-boggling every time.

Greenubuntu Fitness Mantra ilnnawaz Damania Doing Pushups

Greenubuntu Fitness Mantra ilnnawaz Damania Doing Pushups

We have an Excuse for Everything

We must organize a Standup Comedy Night for Workout/Fitness Offenders and Dementors with Russel Peters, the audience will go insane with his hilarious views multi-racial accents and body gestures, on the subject! What’s Age got to do with It (Fitness)?! Age is just a Number in your Mind which governs your thoughts and decisions, compelling you to get drawn into an unhealthy pattern of feeling and thinking older than you really are. Get rid of this misconception and you will feel free to ‘fly like a bird’. Age, circumstances, challenges will become a non-issue and irrelevant in your life, just Prioritise!

The day you decide you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, your body will begin its journey of actualizing it potential back to your youth! It’s not how old you are by how young you think, feel and look!

Everyone has a tough life with constant difficulties, limitations, rejection, that’s a part and parcel of being a Human Being, Welcome to Planet Earth, no one said it’s going to be Easy! Wholesome fitness is designed to give you the required ammunition and capacity for your body to master physical strength & endurance, your mind to be razor sharp & smart, and your soul to be calm & composed in all circumstances, creating an All Weather Rainbow-like Aura around you to help navigate through the maze of Hardships that life presents at any time and at any place, thus helps you to Be Confident and Fearless Against All Odds, and say boldly – Bring It On!