The retail chain of Chobani is actually quite sincere as far as creating a sustainable planet and its future is concerned. This it is doing through its own green initiatives such as cuts in usage of energy and water, together with emphasizing on other environmental aspects such as animal care, local farming, as well as optimization of packaging. The company claims that it is quite committed to the planet Earth as well as its people and wants to make the Chobani way a guide for people to follow and care for the planet.

What is the Chobani way?

Their website says: At Chobani, we believe business can be a force for good and living our guiding mission of better food for people extends beyond our products. From cow comfort on dairy farms to responsible manufacturing practices to being active members of the communities that we live and work: we are passionate about democratizing good, and help to accelerate universal wellness.

Implementation of The Chobani way

The Chobani way is actually becoming quite popular. The retail business has been able to reduce the energy consumption of its units by about 17 per cent. This is sufficient to help power almost 111 single family homes in the United States of America for about a year. They have also cut their carbon foot print by up to around 840 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Also, the yoghurt company is being mindful of the kinds of packaging system that they have been using. They are particularly striving to reduce the utilization of the total amount of polypropylene resin that can be used. This is estimated to be equal to about 2.1 million lbs.

Impact of The Chobani way

Being responsible manufacturers, they to invest in technology which allows them to cut their environmental impact. They also work with cooperatives as well as local farms in order to make sure that the treatment of cows which provide fresh milk is safe as well as humane. They have donated more than three million cups of yogurt to food banks as well as pantries. They have also collectively volunteered 3840 hours for community events that were Chobani-sponsored. The Chobani way is actually something that has to be researched and studied for a sustainable corporate activity.