It is no more time to make light of climate change. The UN green panel gives us only 12 years in order to prevent extreme heat conditions, droughts, floods, and poverty. This World Environment Day let us look at 10 simple ways to help contribute your bit to the planet. In fact, you do not need to be a tree-hugger or eco-warrior to bring the green element into your life. What you need to do is follow a few simple steps and turn your home into an ecofriendly place. These tips and tricks will lead you towards a greener and cleaner life this World Environment Day.
• You could use compact fluorescent light bulbs in the place of incandescent ones. The step would cut your energy bill. They also tend to last longer than standard light bulbs.
• Keep your air conditioner at moderate temperatures. The warmer you set your thermostat (in the summers) and the cooler you do it (in the winters), the lower will be your energy consumption and the corresponding costs.
• Go vegetarian this World Environment Day. Meat production utilized as much as 8 times energy as fruits and vegetables, generating a lot of environmental pollution.
• Dump the use of plastic bags for grocery. You could carry cloth or jute bags to the stores.
• Make your laundry ecofriendly by using fabric softeners, detergents, and bleaches which leave a smaller carbon footprint.
• Try using right-sized pots on burners for cooking in order to save more gas or electricity.
• Do not leave your faucet running while you are brushing. Utilize a glass of water instead for the purpose.
• Reuse water where possible this World Environment Day. Wastewater from laundry, dishes, and showering can be utilized to water plants.
• Use the microwave oven more frequently for cooking. These devices use lesser energy than the traditional electric ovens and are fast and efficient.
• Get a solar power charger for your gadgets this World Environment Day 2019.

About Shafa Sajjad

Shafa Sajjad has completed her Masters in Environmental science and is a researcher. She is passionate about writing on nature, social issues, humanity & the world and sharing them on various platforms as well. She loves to pen down her thoughts and says: "I yearn of a world enriched with joys, Healthy & peaceful place where equality lies."