Plastic pollution developed in the 1860s. Plastic has become an indispensable part of our lives. Longevity is its main characteristic, but this very quality has also become a major problem. Its non-biodegradable nature is causing a massive environmental problem. That is why the need for Plastic Pollution Essay.

Every year we use up to 5 trillion disposable plastic items. In total, 50% of the plastic we use is single use plastic. ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ the theme for World Environment Day 2018 is a call to action for all of us to come together to combat one of the great environmental challenges of our time. Chosen by this year’s host, India invites us all to consider how we can make changes in our everyday lives to reduce the heavy burden of plastic pollution on out natural places, our wildlife and our own health. The Plastic Pollution Essay has some points which can help us.

1) Nature recycles, shouldn’t we? One organism’s waste is another’s feast. Everything is broken down and reused. A good way of dealing with the solid waste problem is recycling, itinerant collectors buys old newspapers, bottles, scrap, etc. and recycle them.

2) We have to move from waste management to waste prevention. That is, we should design clean production technologies or zero discharge systems that use minimum amount of raw materials, energy and waste.

3) Considering the present scenario we need to emphasize on individual effort towards waste management. We all need to take responsibility and take action in our lives. In fact, it is hypercritical to demand change unless we do so. This Plastic Pollution Essay is a step in that direction.

4) Little changes such as switching to cloth bags instead of plastic ones or making a concerted effort to recycle cans and bottles can make a big difference in your waste output.

5) Start waste segregation at home.

6) Everyday a large amount of what you throw into the trash could be composted and returned to the earth, so start composting.

7) Start practice of repair rather than discard.

Change starts within us as pointed out above in the Plastic Pollution Essay. It is in our hands to make a difference. Small efforts made by everyone can make a difference when put together as a whole such as this Plastic Pollution Essay. Unless you live a zero waste lifestyle, there is always room for improvement when it comes to taking care of the planet. Do let us know your views on this piece and if possible send in your Plastic Pollution Essay and we will carry that Plastic Pollution Essay.

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