The World Frog Day 2019 is celebrated by many throughout the globe. The day is observed to raise awareness about frogs: amphibians found on land and water both. This year, it was recognized on March 20, 2019. They are predators and play a crucial role in maintaining the environment during its lifetime. The World Frog Day has been celebrated since the year 2009. Scientists aver that in the recent years, frog species are under threat. Extinction is looming large over their populations due to many reasons such as deforestation.

The World Frog Day is an awareness day to save these creatures from extinction and give afford them a safe environment to thrive and survive. It has been perceived as well as synchronized by several organizations across the globe. The World Frog Day is the biggest and most significant day of amphibian education as well as conservation action across the world. On this World Frog Day, there is a need to encourage appreciation as well as celebration of these amphibians by people across the world and from all walks of life.

Very few people among the public are aware that frogs are disappearing. In fact, efforts aimed at amphibian conservation won’t be successful if the public is uninformed. The goal must be to make the crisis of amphibian extinction, particularly the frogs, common knowledge. The World Frog Day is the best that we can do to make this a reality! The World Frog Day can help educate communities about the importance as well as significance of amphibians.

There is a need for people to get involved and save the frogs. Positive action has to be created for the frogs in every part of the world! Spread the word to local schools as well as environmental groups. If everybody comes together, we can spread frog awareness to the furthest points of the planet. Yes! Together we could Save The Frogs!