A Solar Powered Village in India is a model for the use of renewable energy due to total dependence on solar power for its various needs. It is therefore completely independent of any fossil fuel sources of energy. Though it has no electricity poles, the Solar Powered Village is completely lit up due to the use of solar power. Solar power panels are installed in each and every house of the village.

The Uttar Pradesh Solar Powered Village is in Chakanwala Panchayat named ‘Mandironwala Bhuddi’ in Amroha district. This has been carried out as a part of the government’s scheme. The area was originally surrounded by the River Ganga or the Ganges river. The villagers used the power of the might River Ganga. But now they have put up installed solar panels across the area in order to make the life of people easy.

Villagers are using solar power to bring brightness into their areas. It is beneficial for them as they can easily do household chores in solar light. Solar lights were done last year. Before that, children were studying in the dark. The village in Uttar Pradesh’s Chakanwala Panchayat in Amroha district now needs a road and bridge for better connectivity.

Life seems to have changed after the solar power came to the village. The children use solar-powered lights to study in small groups during the night hours. Road Connectivity Project is also underway. As renewable energy increases worldwide, countries go for clean energy. This Solar Powered Village is indeed getting it right. It now runs on 100 percent solar energy. In a span of only a few years! This is good progress as far as solar power is concerned. India has set up solar energy target of 100 GW by 2022. In order to achieve the target such steps will be needed. All efforts need to be made to make it a focus. Renewable energy is taking strides in this direction.

About Karishma Raj

Karishma is a Post Graduate from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and a Social Science Researcher. After completing her master’s in Sociology, she is currently into Disaster Management and is writing a Thesis on Climate Change effects on internally displaced Migrant Workers in Delhi. She has covered Arts, Disaster-Tourism, Eco-travel, Public relations and Community Interaction Practices in diverse settings. She has experience of working with hazard affected Communities in the Challenging Environment of Droughts and endangered areas of Sea erosion. She is an greenubuntu evangelist and author.