As part of our endeavors to celebrate the good work that is being carried out in the field of environment, the Green Ubuntu team has decided to honor the Best Environment Website as part of our mission to generate support and create a movement and awareness around issues of environment such as climate change, global warming, sustainability, pollution, renewable energy, etc. We are instituting the awards soon and hope that they go a long way in ensuring that the Best Environment-based Website Award helps the cause of the environment.

This is your chance to showcase the kind of work that you are doing for environment conservation or preventing environment degradation. Our efforts would be to recognize you for your yeoman service to the planet and help you stand out from the clutter. You deserve this recognition. It will also be a method to ensure that you receive valuable, constructive as well as independent feedback on your efforts to save the environment and how best to leverage those efforts to create the Best Environment Website.

These are exciting times as a lot is happening at Green Ubuntu. Send in your entries for Green Ubuntu’s Best Environment Website competition. The entries for the Best Environment Website would then be shortlisted on the basis of advice given by impartial as well as reputed judges who will review the websites on the basis of freshness and appeal. Technically speaking, the criteria for naming the Best Environmental Website Award would include: ease of use, design, freshness of ideas, ground reporting, copywriting, interactivity of the site, use of technology, innovation, and content.

Being a participant, you would receive an independent as well as objective evaluation of your Environmental Website carried out by an independent panel of expert judges. You will also receive important feedback in order to benchmark your endeavors and calibrate your efforts against other Environment websites. In case your site goes on to win the coveted recognition, the Best Environment Website Award would also help you get:

• A certificate of participation and a recognition for your efforts
• Greater visibility for your environment website
• A better opportunity to promote your website to the stakeholders as well as media
• Links to help your site from those that are highly ranked in order to help you perform better on Google ranking and help search engine optimization (SEO).

We will keep on adding the various goodies that will come your way, should your entry for the Best Environment Website make way to the top. Even those Websites which are not selected for the Best Environmental Website Award would also be eligible for Website Excellence Award. Keep updated with the latest on this front through following us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Mail us at Awards to be announced by May 2019. Hurry!!