The brand Nicobar Clothing was launched by Good Earth as a sustainable as well as premium clothing and home décor brand. According to them, it is much more than just prints and fabrics. It is currently claimed as one of the upcoming ethical clothing brands in India. One which blends both craft as well as culture. The upcoming Nicobar brand is both stylish as well as fancy.

“At Nicobar Clothing we create a modern way of living, dressing, looking at the world. It is at the heart of every thing that we do. We are a company which believes in culture as much as commerce. Journey is as worthy as destination. These stories are told through through our products and community,” says the Nicobar Clothing website.

Raul Rai, one of the co-founders of Nicobar Clothing, says: “It wasn’t easy to create another lifestyle brand. We asked: ‘Do we need more products?’ Nicobar is a vehicle to communicate the philosophy of living. We felt fast fashion was swinging too far. There was a need for products designed to last, not trend driven, as well as inspired by natural materials and designs. We wanted products that we would ourselves use. Ones which would reflect our history and were also global in appeal”.

How Was Nicobar Clothing Born?

Raul Rai adds: Sometimes things come together and the dots just connect between themselves to make you take leaps. I am driven to create an environment to help people in their journey, whether as parent or as founder. We believe India is filled with design talent which hasn’t scaled. He says that they wanted to create a culture which would nurture creativity.

“I love the journey of Royal Enfield and Good Earth. We learned so much from the Lals. Those who founded the companies about thinking long term and doing things driven by passion as well as building brands,” he recounts.

Why the Name Nicobar Clothing?

They had a name and identity for the brand and the launch was four months away. They must have looked at 90 names associated with the Indian Ocean. But, Nicobar wasn’t one of them. Serendipity intervened and the rest is history, says the founder of Nicobar Clothing.

This is a collection of ecofriendly apparel that is designed to offer comfort. Choose from their range of organic cotton clothing which can suit several lifestyles.

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