A total of 6 engineering students have devised an innovative electric bike design which is the latest innovation in E-Mobility in India. Users now have a solution to parking problems which are faced by all cities of the country.
The engineers from Chandigarh University, Gharaun, are as follows: Rohit Kamboj, Sukhjeet Singh, Kulvinder, Neeraj, Vikram, and Harsh. They have designed a light weight electric bike, which is easily portable, durable as well as affordable. It can travel a distance of 40 km on a full charge. The cumulative weight of the Foldable Electric Bike is about 25 kg. The Foldable Electric Bike comes with four batteries which take about 1 hour to recharge. It can reach a maximum speed of around 35 km per hour, claim the innovators.

Advantages of Foldable Electric Bike

The frame design of the Foldable Electric Bike is quite innovative as well as robust. The other specifications of the electric bike are equally innovative. The fast charging and electrically powered cycle is embedded with a battery discharge that sends 28 Amperes of current. This it does by using about 48 Volts at a continuous rate of 250 Watts. The electric cycle or bike actually comes with a foldable handle as well as a frame that cuts down on the total length of the vehicle to only about 2 feet and 5 inches. The tilted handles as well as the left turn mechanism on the Foldable Electric Bike make it quite convenient for the uses. The innovation also results in cutting down on the physical inputs for the riders.

According to media reports, a patent for the Foldable Electric Bike has already been filed. They have been approached by a number of companies which work in this field. The innovative solution no doubt is quite innovative and could be a blessing in disguise for communters who have to battle the ever increasing cost of fuel. The Foldable Electric Bike also addresses the question of parking in urban areas.

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Radhika Joshi is an ardent environmentalist and holds a master's degree in biotechnology from Amity University