Noise Pollution in Mumbai is a big problem. Abdul Qayyum Patel stays quite close to a very busy traffic junction in Mumbai. Just like the case of any metro city, along with the traffic comes the unnecessary incessant honking. Indians use the horn much more than their counterparts in western countries. We don’t realize it, but prolonged exposure to incessant honking with high sound decibel levels can lead to a lot of health issues in people. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, this sound pollution has created hearing related disorders in 6 per cent of Indians such as hearing impairment, tinnitus, ear ache, hearing loss, etc.

A random survey of people who stay around busy traffic junctions has revealed that they suffer from sleep disturbances, irritability, reduced work concentration and efficiency, etc. all thanks to the Noise Pollution in Mumbai. Abdul Qayyum decided to do something about this daily increasing menace of noise pollution at traffic junctions. Along with a team of committed members, they carried placards requesting the vehicle drivers to stop honking and reduce Noise Pollution in Mumbai.

In spite of the scorching sunshine or pouring rains, Mr. Abdul Qayyum would stand with his no honking placard at different traffic junctions all around the city of Mumbai. If you wonder whether such a gesture of holding posters makes any difference, yes it does. He understands that driving in Mumbai traffic is stressful, and people like to honk as an expression of release of their pent up emotions. Most drivers would smile and give him a nod of approval.

In his own small way, this constant reminder by Mr. Abdul Qayyum and his team has reduced the noise pollution in Mumbai. If more private people such as Abdul Qayyum take public responsibility to increase the general awareness about the seriousness of the problem of noise pollution, then this is a step in the right direction and would help thousands of people with hearing disorders. It is time we put a stop to Noise Pollution in Mumbai.

About Shobha G Rao

Green Ubuntu Evangelist Shobha G Rao is a lawyer by qualification and a Life skill trainer by passion. Her 'Smilemakers' firm has a vision to ensure that people reconnect with their inner ability to smile and create smiles around them. Her immense local work for the cause of a Clean environment, was recognized nationally when she was selected as one of the finalists for the Times Of India's Lead India contest. Her project submitted in 2007 was to Clean India much before Swatch Bharat campaign became a reality in 2014. Her writings aim to change the attitude of people - from indifference to taking responsibility for the environment. Only when private citizens start taking constructive actions in their own areas to resolve public environmental issues, can we live in a better world.