Opened earlier this year and sitting next to Baga Creek locale in Goa, the Royal Enfield Garage Cafe is a port of call for travelers and tourists alike, especially if you’re a Royal Enfield Enthusiast. A perfect place for long, slow evenings, the Royal Enfield Garage Cafe imbibes the cultural ethos of Goa in its uniquely designed spaces along with an impressive museum showcasing the brand’s romance with the passion of motorcycling. This one-of-a-kind cafe marries the art of Hospitality with the spirit of Motorcycling.

Amidst picturesque settings, the cafe-cum-restaurant beckons you to cross its threshold to experience the new ‘Royal Enfield’ escapade – with your hands resting on the tabletops instead of being on the bike’s handlebar. As you get inside the cafe, the unhurried, laid-back aura of the cafe puts you at ease, and transports you to pre-WW II days, with its beautiful museum, featuring dated Royal Enfield motorcycles from the 1930s to the early 2000s.

Royal Enfield Cafe, Goa

Royal Enfield Cafe, Goa

The arresting beauty of these motorbikes will make you go awestruck, with each having its own slice of history. Like for instance, the 1939 Flying Flea motorcycle, one of the most successful military motorbikes developed for use by paratroopers in the Second World War (WWII), was used by the British Army Red Berets parachute regiment. It was suitable for the military because of its overall smaller dimensions, and it could be dropped anywhere using a
drop cage and was used by the forces to deliver secret and urgent messages to their base camp.

In this way, the Royal Enfield Cafe offers a richer, more comprehensive experience of the iconic brand – going beyond mere retail outlets and celebrating Royal Enfield’s commitment to ‘pure motorcycling’ – by creating immaculately curated spaces that pay homage to the motorcycling lifestyle, in key destinations across the country.

Royal Enfield Cafe, Goa, Foodie's Delight

Royal Enfield Cafe, Goa, Foodie’s Delight

The Royal Enfield Cafe exudes a sense of spaciousness as well, with interiors displaying the handpicked, chosen fragments of history that are hallmarks of the brand. The design philosophy of the cafe revolves around the core brand values – timelessness, craftsmanship, and an unadulterated love for motorcycling – weaving a beautiful narrative encompassing elements of traditional Portuguese architecture in combination with artworks sourced from different artists and art studios, visually integrated with the beautiful landscape of the state. The rich artistic décor of the cafe is really a visual treat for the Royal Enfield Enthusiasts.

Royal Enfield Cafe, Goa, Foodie's Paradise

Royal Enfield Cafe, Goa, Foodie’s Paradise

The well-travelled menu features specialty coffees and teas and a careful selection of fares drawn from local and international cuisines, to satiate the inveterate food connoisseur in you. The must-try dishes at the Royal Enfield Cafe include tomato and bell pepper soup, hummus platter, sangria blanca (a Japanese beverage), bruschetta, apple mocktail, Flaming B-52 shot, the gooey chocolate soufflé and much more.

Overall, the Royal Enfield Garage Cafe is a seamless amalgamation of retail space, a bar and restaurant, a bike-customization area, and a service center. At the Royal Enfield Cafe, awaken the kindred spirits connection with your fellow travel-mates, as you break into a cheery singalong to the music beats of the 1960s and 1970s.

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