Diwali after mornings are a nightmarish experience for most people from northern India, particularly Delhi. The abysmal air quality ranges between ‘very poor’ and ‘poor’ due to all the cracker bursting combined with the stubble burning in neighboring states. Although things may have improved marginally, it is still akin to smoking 50 cigarettes in a day. It is a kind of medical emergency. Breathing is tough with hugely spiked levels of particulate matter, specifically PM10 and PM2.5. There is a health advisory in place for places like Delhi and people have been asked to be indoors as well as take the necessary precautions in order to avoid breathing the polluted air.

One of the ways to combat the situation is to use masks. Air pollution masks come in several brands and in different price ranges. They can help people with breathing problems survive the day. While the N95 mask is popular for taking on smog like situations, the N100 is for very small particles. The following is a list of the best air pollution masks which people may purchase. The items have been included keeping budget-friendliness in view. We don’t want you to burn a hole in your pocket while purchasing air pollution masks and trying to save your lungs.

1. 3M Pollution N95 9504 INV mask

The mask comes for just Rs. 164. This makes it a pretty gettable air pollution mask which you may buy from the market. 3M is a well known maker of the mask. It actually filters out almost 95 percent of the particles which are larger than 0.3 micron. It has a nose clip which helps you secure it to your nose. It can be bought on Amazon.in.

2. Honeywell Pollution H801V N95 H801V mask

The Honeywell Pollution H801V N95 H801V is primarily NIOSH N95 certified. This translates into the fact that it has passed stringent industry tests which are carried out by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The mask is disposable and can’t be used after some time. Flipkart says the air pollution mask will survive for 70–80 hrs in a polluted place such as Delhi. The air pollution mask has an exhalation valve which is provided on the device in order to facilitate smooth breathing. The air pollution mask comes for Rs. 199.

3. VOGMASK Noir N99CV mask

The N99 mask from the company VOGMASK is a high quality device which filters PM2.5 well. Particulate matter as minute as 1 micron can get filtered due to the active carbon filters, which are embedded within the device. It comes with two strings attached to each side of the air pollution mask. Its quality is sturdy. This ensures that the device won’t fall off your nose. The VOGMASK Noir N99CV can be bought for Rs. 2,000.

4. Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 Mask

The Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge N99 features British Technology from the Ministry of Defence. The device claims to shut out 99 percent particles from the air. This would include minute particles like PM10, PM2.5, as well as PM0.3. It comes with a nose clip so that it doesn’t fall off the face. It features active carbon filters which stop airborne microorganisms from entering the respiratory tract. Among them, there is the option to choose no valve, 1 exhalation valve, or two valves. The masks can be purchased from Amazon.in.