A Solar Dryer has been developed by the son of a farmer, who hails from the rural parts of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is now being used in about eight countries. Hailing from an entire family of farmers, Vaibhav Tidke has always been quite well-versed with several of the agricultural challenges. He has also seen fresh farm produce actually go to waste and all this due to the lack of proper storage facilities as well as options.

The young man has developed a Solar Conductor-based Dryer which helps in storing the farm produce. The entire process takes place without needing preservatives or artificial additives to be added. The solar dryer also incorporates an innovative as well as patented food drying technology, which primarily helps in extending the shelf life of the farm produce without the need for adding any external preservatives to the mixture. Not just fruits and vegetables, the innovative equipment may also be utilized to meat, seafood, as well as spices. The solar dryer and the equipment are particularly useful when food has to be transported over quite long distances or for the aim of creating healthy and packaged foods.

In 2008, Vaibhav Tidke founded an organization to help the society, in particular farmers of the country who are beset by several of such problems. In fact, agrarian distress is on a high throughout the country and farmer suicides are particularly rampant in Maharashtra. Vaibhav was in college and wad doing the final year from Mumbai’s Institute of Chemical Technology. His organization, which was formed with the help from friends, peers, as well as professors, was named as Science4Society (S4S) Technologies. Today, S4S Technologies is known for the innovative Solar Conductor Dryer. S4S Technologies now has 8 members, including Viabhav Tidke. The joint efforts have got the team several accolades, such as Dell Socia Innovation Challenge.