Renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy are the ones for the future as traditional sources of energy including fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum are fast depleting. However, harnessing of green energy has a problem; it is not stable. Optimization is key to any plan of governments moving away from conventional energy sources to the alternative ones. This is where modern technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Machine Learning come into the picture. They help harness clean power along with optimization and can facilitate better utilization of resources. Technologies such as the IoT and connected appliances can aid in the smooth running of devices that are energy intensive so that they operate efficiently and remove sudden increases in power demand.

You can extract clean power out of solar energy, wind or even a small brook or stream that flows by your house and but using it gainfully is an issue. The principal problem in such systems is that the supply lacks stability. Consequently, optimization of the available resources is an absolute must. To use them efficiently, there will have to be systems that work towards energy conservation and facilitate a dialogue between appliances so that there is optimum utilization. For example, energy production for a solar plant will dip on a particularly cloudy day or a wind turbine on a windless day. Green energy sources are meaningful only if used efficiently.

IoT technology role in renewable energy sector

Done properly neither of the following situations are improbable: A situation in which the refrigerator switches off in case it senses some power shortage? It then directs that electricity to the energy demanding washing machine. Take another instance: The AC slips into the power saving mode once the mixer comes on. Imagining such as situation would be difficult for anybody. Traditionally, power has always been produced at huge centers and then circulated. The idea is to help businesses and homes generate power through the use of renewable sources of energy like wind mills or solar panels.

In order to achieve that smart appliances or connected devices can be embedded with hi tech sensors and interconnected. Huge amount of data gets collected through the sensors and then could be transmitted to the power grid. Usually, the collected data includes variables such as those ranging from electricity load at a particular time to blade resistance of a wind energy turbine or even include the existing temperature in a solar panel, so that each and every component is sensed, measured and monitored.

The generated data is collected as well as uploaded to the cloud for processing. As there is a huge corpus of data that needs to be analyzed and processed in real time, the window of operation is limited. In such a scenario, Big Data tools can be effectively utilized for processing. However, for any such system to function properly, automation is a must as the process is highly complex and decision-making has to be carried out in real time. In such a situation doing all that manually or even taking the help of a computer is impossible.

“The time is not far when Internet of Things sensors could run a dishwasher just on the basis of how windy or even sunny it is outside. This will effectively switch off a few energy intensive appliances such as air conditioners for some time especially when other devices are using big amounts of power,” says the official of a company making Big Data Analytics tools and which is also a cloud computing software provider.

Utilized properly, the Internet of Things along with smart metering, cloud computing as well as wireless connected sensors could help one not only to generate and use own electricity, but also export power to a central grid. This can help you earn money too.

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