Who says solar power plants can’t be adorable? What could presumably be the cutest solar farm in the whole world has come up in China. The solar installation has been given the shape of a panda— the country’s treasured animal. The panda power plant in Datong, China will produce 50 MW of clean energy in the first phase. The black parts of the panda power plant, including the ears and the arms, are composed of monocrystalline silicone solar cells.

On the other hand, the grey and white tummy together with the face are made of thin film solar cells. The 100 MW power plants is expected to churn out 3.2 billion kilowatt hours of green power in the next 25 years. This would save the equivalent of about 1.056 million tons of coal and would also be reducing carbon emissions by around 2.74 million tons. This is the best example for nature conservation and environment friendly technology along with an aesthetically pleasing product. The Datong panda power plant location is in China’s northern province of Shanxi.

Panda Green Energy, the company which is working on the project, is planning to install more of such plants in the coming five years. This is part of Chinese President Xi Jinping strategy of sustainable development. The Panda Green Solar Power Plant has been installed under an agreement with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The company advocates for renewable, sustainable, and green energy. The best part of the project is that it is already up and running: the first phase of the remarkable solar power farm has been connected to the grid. The panda solar farm location is inspiring other similar structures across the country.

China on course to become green superpower

These developments are among the many steps that are being taken by the Asian Superpower to ensure sustainable development model. China has, in fact, emerged as the most attractive destination for renewable energy attractiveness. No wonder, the country has surpassed the United States of America or USA. This is according to the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index 2017 report which has been released by international research and audit firm Ernst and Young (EY).

Datong panda power plant inspiring other green structures in China

Quite recently, the world’s biggest floating solar power plant has been set up in Huainan city, in Eastern China. The 40-MW plant is located on a reservoir and is in close proximity to this city. Offshore from Huainan, the power plant has been connected successfully with the power grid that supplies power to the city.

The Chinese government these days has been following eco-friendly as well as industry specific policies along with attractive economics in order to transform the renewable energy sector outlook. Apart from providing green electricity, the power plant is also an effort to showcase the country’s commitment toward clean technology initiatives at the international level. The project is also designed to bring about awareness about renewable energy to the world and also to its own people, especially its youth. The plant is expected to have a youth activity center, which will target schoolchildren and educate them about the benefits that accrue from a judicious use of solar energy.

China is the most populated country on the globe. It is facing unacceptably high degrees of air pollution, which became a big problem during the Beijing Olympics. Air pollutants are estimated to be responsible for the death of 1.1 million people annually in Asia’s biggest economy. A major cause of air pollution is the emission coming out of power plants, automobiles, as well as factories.

The country is desperately trying to redeem the situation by investing in green and renewable sources of energy. It is therefore not surprising then that the Asian power horse is well on course to become a green superpower. In fact, solar power is rapidly becoming a principal part of its sustainable development strategy. Of late, similar projects have been coming up all over the country.

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