There are several things that you can do from the comfort of your couch to protect the environment and save the world. The Sustainable Development Goals aim at protecting the environment and inculcating sustainability.

1. Save power and electricity: Plug appliances into a power strip as well as turn them off when not in us, including the computer.
2. Stop getting bank statements on paper; pay your bills by going online or via the mobile. No paper means no need for forest destruction.
3. Do not just Like but Share. If you see interesting social media posts about women’s rights, empowerment, or climate change, share it so that people in your network can see it as well.
4. Speak up! Don’t be silent. Demand local as well as national authorities to carry out initiatives which don’t harm the planet or the people. Voice your support for the Paris Climate Agreement and ask your respective country to ratify and sign it (if this has not been done yet).
5. Do not print. If you see things online that you need to remember, put it down on a digital post-it note and thus spare the paper use.
6. Turn off all the lights in your house. Your computer or TV screen gives off a cosy glow anyway. So, turn off the lights if you do not need them.
7. Do some research online and only buy from companies and organization which you know have good sustainable practices and do not harm the environment.
8. Keep informed. Make it a practice to follow local news as well as stay in touch with the Sustainable Development Goals online or through social media.
9. Inform people about your actions that were aimed at achieving Sustainable Development Goals, use hashtag #globalgoals on social media networks.
10. Offset your carbon emissions! It is quite easy. You could calculate your own carbon footprint and purchase climate credits from the Climate Neutral Now. In such a way, you can help reduce global emissions and help in achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

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