Wildlife has been at the receiving end in the event of untamed development and human-animal conflict. Poaching has been a big environmental issue in India and is rampant. The World Elephant Day was set up on 12 August 2012 to mobilize support for conservation of Asian as well as African elephants. The future of this magnificent species is under threat due to the escalation of habitat loss, poaching, human–elephant conflict as well as their mistreatment in captivity. The program was started in 2016 in India. Let’s Pledge to save the animals this World Elephant Day 2018.

The need for World Elephant Day 2018

Elephant numbers have decreased by about 62 per cent in the past decade. They are on the verge of and by the next decade could face a challenge of survival. Around 100 African elephants are killed by poachers every day. The world is losing more African elephants than the population can replace. This is threatening the future of elephants throughout the continent. Bull elephants with their tusks are targets and they have decreased. Female African elephants are also killed. In the event of large-scale deforestation and construction of villages and railway tracks, pachyderms have lost natural habitats and are found straying on paths prone to dangers.

On the other hand, the Asian elephant’s habitat ranges over 13 countries across the whole of Asia. It is an endangered species, with fewer than 40,000 left globally. This is less than one tenth of African elephant population. Wild elephants suffer habitat loss in most densely populated regions of the planet. The traditional territories as well as migration routes are fragmenting due to development. Highways and industrial establishments also take a toll. Without access to natural habitat, elephants end up having deadly confrontations with human beings.

Asian elephants are targeted for ivory tusks, meat as well as body parts. On the other hand, baby elephants get captured from the wild life regions and are sold in tourism industry. Globally, Asian elephants also get trained, traded and used for entertainment in tourist parks and circuses, and also for illegal logging activities.
World Elephant Day 2018 is being celebrated to create awareness about saving this animal from extinction.